Das Neunte Kind der Mrs. D. [Mrs. D.’s Ninth Child]

Travelling with Heinrich Böll
Mon 24 Oct 17:00
Large Hall
Mon 24 Oct
Past event


Katharina Gross Im Grunde bin ich ein Meermensch
Arieh Chrem Plug dances
Ludwig van Beethoven fragment from Sonata No. 26, Les Adieux
Toni Geitani Voices of the past
Jonathan Harvey Ricercare una melodia
Benjamin Britten Suite No. 1 for ‘cello: Bordon
Nathalie Flintrop Raindrops
Katharina Gross Chrome
Nathalie Flintrop No. 2
Traditional/Robert Burns Auld Lang Syne
Toni Geitani Coda in f minor


Katharina Gross cello
Nathalie Flintrop cello
Diana Kantner voice
Ainhoa Pérez Echapere oboe
Irene Piazza viool
Toni Geitani piano & electronics 
Arieh Chrem electronics
Ria Marks direction
Pim Veulings choreography
Arnold Marinissen muzical coaching


Katharina Gross cello
Nathalie Flintrop cello
Creative Performance Lab:
Arieh Chrem composer, piano
Diana Kantner singer
Irene Piazza violin
Toni Geitani composer, piano, singer
Ainhoa Pérez Etxepare oboe
Ria Marks

A family on the west coast of Ireland. Nine children, of whom only a few will get to stay in Ireland. Five or six of them will have to leave and build a future elsewhere.

When they reach the age of fourteen, their mother drops them off at the bus stop in the rain with a small suitcase, gives them a hug and sends them off to catch the train to Dublin, where they board a ship to London, America or some other destination to meet an uncle who’s promised to help them find a job. The bus driver knows that letting the heartfelt goodbyes draw out too long causes more pain than the actual departure, so he honks his horn tentatively.

The Conservatorium van Amsterdam’s Creative Performance Lab has produced a theatrical work under the direction of Ria Marks in which ‘farewells’ play a central role. It’s based on Chapter 14 of his book Irisches Tagebuch [Irish Journal], ‘Das Neunte Kind der Mrs. D.’ [‘Mrs. D.’s Ninth Child’].

Katharina Gross* will be playing a leading role in this new production alongside Dutch-Belgium master cello student Nathalie Flintrop.

*Katharina Gross replaces Johannes Moser, who had to cancel due to illness.

Nathalie Flintrop

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