National Cello Competition 

The National Cello Competition is the most exciting part of the Cello Biennale.

Fifteen young cellists (<27 y.o.) from the Netherlands (or studying in the Netherlands) will be performing in front of an international jury and live audience for the grand prize in this year’s ninth edition.

The jury will be judging not only the winners of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes but also the winners of the incentive prize and the prize for the best interpretation of a specially commissioned piece. And as always, the audience will decide the public prize.

The prizes...

There are many other prizes besides the 1st (€8,000), 2nd (€6,000), 3rd (€4,000), incentive (€2,000), public (€1,000) and best interpretation (€1,000) prizes …

The 1st Prize winner will also get the opportunity to perform a solo concert accompanied by the VU Orchestra and record their own CD (Sena Cello CD Prize).

What’s more, the three finalists will also win a Gewa Music Cello Air 3.9 cello case, a photo shoot with Sarah Wijzenbeek, and the opportunity to perform at various concerts and festivals throughout the Netherlands and attend masterclasses at the world-renowned Kronberg Academy.

The winner of the Start in Splendor prize will get the chance and the funding to prove themselves as cultural entrepreneurs in a professional setting, which involves taking on full responsibility themselves for organising and performing a concert, including programming, promotion and finances. This prize is awarded to the competitor submitting the most enticing plan and getting as far as at least Round 2.