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If you’re as enthusiastic about the Cello Biennale Amsterdam as we are, why not become a Friend or a member of a Casals Circle? Your donation will help us safeguard the future of this wonderful ten-day cello festival. Your donation – small or large – makes a huge difference!

If you have a question, please contact Michaël Neuburger ( 

General information about donations

The Dutch tax authority (Belastingdienst) recognises the Cello Biennale Amsterdam Foundation as a public benefit organisation (PBO) – referred to as an ANBI in the Netherlands.

Our ANBI status means that your donation is 125% tax-deductible. In other words, you can claim an extra 25% when you file your tax return, giving you an extra tax benefit. This means you could donate a little more than you might otherwise consider because the Dutch government helps you out.

The tax benefits in the Dutch Gift and Inheritance Tax Act [Geefwet] apply to individuals and companies liable for tax on both one-time and recurring donations.

Here are a few quick examples of how this works …

If you’re in the 37.35% income tax bracket and you donate €250, then your donation actually ends up only costing you €133 net. If you’re in the highest 49.5% income tax bracket, then your donation actually ends up only costing you €95 net.

You can work out the tax benefit on your donation using our online calculation module. 

Calculation module