De Bestorming

De Bestorming [‘The Storming’] is the Cello Biennale Amsterdam’s educational programme established in collaboration with the Cello Octet Amsterdam, the Prinses Christina Concours / Classic Express and several regional partners. The programme aims to introduce children to the world of classical music, its musicians and their instruments – children who otherwise wouldn’t readily come into contact with classical music.

Cellists will be taking primary schools around the Netherlands by storm for a day – sending teachers to the back of the class, staging a play with the kids, and introducing them to the talented young cellists from Classic Express (the Prinses Christina Concours’ mobile ‘concert hall’). At the end of the day, all the kids, cellists and actors head to the gymnasium or assembly hall to show everyone what they’ve been working on all day long.

And at a later date, the kids get to attend a performance of Cellokrijgers [‘Cello Warriors’] – a theatrical concert performed by Oorkaan and the Cello Octet Amsterdam, suitable for primary school classes 5 through 8. What makes this especially fun for the kids is that they get to see the same familiar faces who stormed their school and hear a lot of the same music.