Biënnale TV 2022: Matthias Bartolomey

Matthias Bartolomey is one of the cellists you will see featured throughout the Cello Biennale in various programme elements such as Bach&Breakfast, a masterclass, CELLOFEST and a concert with all other great cello luminaries. He started playing the cello at the age of 7 and received his first lessons from his father. Together with Klemens Bittmann on violin and mandola, he forms BartolomeyBittmann, a duo with which he performs in many important venues in Europe. 

The Cello Biennale brought the then-unknown jazz/rock duo BartolomeyBittmann to the Netherlands for the first time in 2016, then things moved quickly. The energy, perfection and virtuosity of cellist Matthias Bartolomey and violinist and mandolin player Klemens Bittmann - and especially their own infectious compositions - made them instant audience favourites. And not only in the Netherlands; meanwhile, the duo is on its way to becoming world-famous!