Biënnale TV 2022: CELLOFEST

An exciting part of the Cello Biennale is CELLOFEST. Surprising concerts where you can hear that the cello is so much more than just a classical instrument. 

Beitste de Jong talks to Juliette, Nesrine, Ayanna Witter-Johnson and Ayşe Deniz Birdal. Juliette is from the girl-pop group L.E.J which scores hit after hit in the French top 40 and now has millions of views worldwide on YouTube. Nesrine is an old favourite of the festival and can be heard again tonight solo with the Metropole Orchestra. England's Witter-Johnson is a composer, cellist and singer-songwriter. She has previously performed at the North Sea Jazz Festival and the Concertgebouw. During CELLOFEST, she gave her first solo concert in the Netherlands. And Ayşe is participating in a development project by cello phenomenon Giovanni Sollima.