Anner Bijlsma

Anner Bijlsma Award 2014

Anner Bijlsma received the first award in 2014 and decided to spend the prize on a number of causes, including research into old music and fingerings for early cello music (Maximiliano Segura Sánchez en Job ter Haar), the development of two exceptional Dutch cello talents (Lidy Blijdorp and Alexander Warenberg), strengthening the educational activities of Cello8ctet Amsterdam, creating opportunities for young cellists by making connections with other art forms such as theater, literature, dance, and film (Oorkaan), and the project Start in Splendor. 

The Anner Bijlsma Award enabled Maximiliano Segura Sanchez to do research in Modena and Bologna, studying sources of the earliest cello music, and performing and recording these works. During the Cello Biennale 2016, Maximiliano performed this old Italian Music together with the Cappella Estense, which was formed specifically for this purpose (Maximiliano Segura Sanchez - cello, Cristina Grifone - soprano, Panos Ilioppoulos - harpsichord, Janvier Ovejero Mayoral - chitarrone and baroque guitar).