Preikestolen - Matthias Bartolomey

Five of the world’s ‘grooviest’ cello virtuosos were all on stage at the same time during the Cello Biennale 2022, performing Matthias Bartolomeys piece Preikestolen. 

Emile Visser - cello
Annie Tångberg - cello
Matthias Bartolomey – cello
Nesrine - cello 
Svante Henryson - cello

'Inspired by the majestic rock formation Preikestolen in one of Norways many Fjords, this piece was originally composed for 4 cellos. Arranging this special Cello Giants-version for 5 cellos was a great pleasure since it allowed me to extend the voices and create an even bigger soundscape.' (Matthias Bartolomey)