Four Journeys

The most interesting non-classical cello work
Mon 24 Oct 20:00
Large Hall
Mon 24 Oct
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Ayşe Deniz Birdal cello
Maya Fridman cello
Abel Selaocoe cello 
Chiara Trentin cello

Four cellists. Four nationalities. Four quests. Using the prize money from the 2018 Anner Bijlsma Award, cello phenomenon Giovanni Sollima set up an intensive development programme for four young international cellists looking to become far more than just soloists playing the standard repertoire.

He went with them in search of their musical identity. Who did they want to become in the world of music? What did they want to create? What did they want to convey to their audiences?

They’ll be taking us on four very different musical journeys during this year’s CELLOFEST – Ayşe Deniz Birdal (Turkey), Maya Fridman (Russia), Abel Selaocoe (South Africa) and Chiara Trentin (Italy).

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