Kian Soltani's Cello Unlimited

Kian Soltani, Alexander Warenberg, Stefano Bruno, Isaac Lottman, Florianne Remme, Emma van Schadewijk, Geneviève Verhage, Kalle de Bie
Sat 2 Nov 23:30 - 00:45
Main Hall
Sat 2 Nov
23:30 - 00:45
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Compelling film music from Hollywood blockbusters


Kian Soltani cello
Alexander Warenberg cello
Stefano Bruno cello
Isaac Lottman cello
Florianne Remme cello
Emma van Schadewijk cello
Geneviève Verhage cello
Kalle de Bie cello

Kian Soltani is one of the most renowned cellists of today. He was 23 years old when he made his Dutch debut at the Sneak Preview of the sixth Cello Biënnale in 2015, and has been one of the festival’s regular cellists ever since. Apart from the classical repertoire, Kian has had a guilty pleasure from a young age: bombastic and vivacious film music from major Hollywood blockbusters. In 2020 he created his own arrangements of the most iconic film music of the past 20 years and released these on his CD album Cello Unlimited.

Together with seven laureates of the National Cello Competition, Kian Soltani will now perform the entire CD live for the first time. Get ready for an evening full of film music including Hans Zimmer's Pirates of the Caribbean, John Powell’s The Bourne Identity and Howard Shore’s Lord of the Rings.