OUD [OLD] 6+

Pepijn Meeuws, Emile Visser
Sat 2 Nov
Sat 2 Nov

A musical journey about being yourself: emotional and humorous with light-fingered magic tricks


Cello Cello: Pepijn MeeuwsEmile Visser cello
Martin Hofstra director
Hester Jolink decor

What is your age, really? Just a number? And what does being old, or being young, even mean? How does really old music sound, and what does today’s music sound like? Why do you throw some things away and hold on to others? How exciting can old things be… 

Director Martin Hofstra playfully guides cellists Pepijn Meeuws and Emile Visser on this imaginative and musical journey. Humour and seriousness take turns throughout the most beautiful repertoire thinkable. From music from the middle ages to jazz, from world music to rock. An ensemble of classical and contemporary music at the highest level, as well as free mime combined with magic tricks, humour and poetry. OUD [OLD] shows how powerful you can be if you are who you are: old or young, dirty or clean.