Night concert

Maya Fridman and Alexander Knaifel
Fri 21 Oct 23:59
Large Hall
Fri 21 Oct
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Alexander Knaifel
Psalm 51
Lamento (world premiere of the version for cello solo and woman's voice),
O Comforter: Prayer to the Holy Spirit
Snowflake On A Spider Thread (world premiere of the version for cello solo)


Maya Fridman cello
Cello Octet Amsterdam
Noam Ben-Jacov installation 
James Murray light design 

At the stroke of midnight, Maya Fridman and the Cello Octet Amsterdam will be taking centre stage. Literally!

Seated in the middle of the space encircled by their audience, they’ll be taking you on a meditative and spiritual journey to new and rearranged works by Alexander Knaifel. Visual artist Noam Ben-Jacov’s art installation will add a whole new dimension to this spiritual experience.

The Russian composer Alexander Knaifel studied cello under Mstislav Rostropovitch but switched to composing after developing neuritis in both arms. Since the 1990s, he’s become well known for his works with religious, esoteric and philosophical themes.

Maya Fridman – one of the Netherlands’ most adventurous cellists – fell under Knaifel’s spell many years ago, visiting him in Saint Petersburg and urging him to select several of his existing works and rearrange them for cello and cello ensemble.

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