Rufus Cappadocia

The most interesting non-classical cello work
Wed 26 Oct 20:00
Past event
Wed 26 Oct
Past event


Rufus Cappadocia cello

Rufus Cappadocia had a cello put in his hands at a very early age, but it wasn’t until he heard a walking bass that his musical heart began to pound.

He’s a musical nomad who plays with musicians from around the world and is equally at home in any number of genres, including American, Caribbean, Middle Eastern, West African, Balkan, Southern European, blues, rock and jazz music.

‘Looking back at what I’ve done over the years, I can now see that it’s all connected. Whenever I play solo, I go back to the basics, and all my exploratory work and collaborations come from a single source.’

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Rufus Cappadocia