Netherlands Bach Society

Beyond Bach
Mon 24 Oct 20:15
Large Hall
Past event
Mon 24 Oct
Past event

Met Mario Brunello, Steuart Pincombe en Sergej Malov


Johann Sebastian Bach
Italian Concert
Double Concerto in D
Canon no. 17 from Die Kunst der Fuge
Sarabande from the second Cello Suite in D
Third Invention in D 
Triple Concerto in C
Double concerto in C 
‘Es is Volbracht’
Concerto for four soloists in A


Mario Brunello four-string cello piccolo
Steuart Pincombe cello
Sergej Malov cello da spalla
Shunske Sato violin and artistic direction 

Three top cellists will be playing Bach concertos on three variants of the Baroque cello – both solo and ensemble. Huh? Hang on a sec! Cello concertos by Bach? Although he composed six suites, Bach never actually composed a concerto for solo cello. Nonetheless, there are any number of his concertos that are ideally suited for one or more cellos, with or without some degree of arrangement.

The Netherlands Bach Society will be performing cello rearrangements of Bach’s Concerto for Two Violins, Concerto for Violin and Oboe, and his transcription of Vivaldi’s Concerto for Four Violins. After all, wouldn’t Bach have done the same if he’d known such amazing soloists would be performing at our biennale?

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