Waldesruhe and a Requiem

Luca Giovannini, Manuel Lipstein, Erica Piccotti, jongNBE
Sun 10 Nov 11:30 - 12:30
Main Hall
Sun 10 Nov
11:30 - 12:30
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Romantic cello pieces and a new concertino by Manuel Lipstein


David Popper Requiem
Antonin Dvořák Waldesruhe and Rondo
Manuel Lipstein New work (world premier)
Manuel De Falla Siete Canciones Populares


Luca Giovannini cello
Manuel Lipstein cello
Erica Piccotti cello

Three young cellists from the prestigious Kronberg Academy, was been a partner of the Cello Biënnale since 2012, star as soloists with the Netherlands Wind Ensemble’s talented young division. In the Requiem by Czech cellist and composer David Popper they get the chance to show their most lyrical side. 

Antonin Dvořák composed Waldesruhe and Rondo, riddled with Bohemian and Slavic elements, for his chamber music partner Hanuš Wihan, who also inspired him to write his cello concerto. Equally, folk music is audible and recognisable in Siete Canciones Populares. These popular songs have been arranged for pretty much all possible instruments already, but not yet for cello and winds. Argentinian-German cellist and composer Manuel Lipstein will perform his own new concertino with jongNBE.