Shirley Smart Trio

The most interesting non-classical cello work
Fri 21 Oct 22:00
Past event
Fri 21 Oct
Past event


Shirley Smart cello
John Crawford piano
Demi Garcia Sabat drums

British cellist Shirley Smart studied Middle Eastern, North African and Turkish music throughout the ten years she spent living in Jerusalem, integrating their traditions, techniques and tonalities into her own repertoire.

Since then, she’s been navigating between the worlds of classical music (in which she trained) and jazz and new world music (which she’s since discovered) with Latin jazz pianist John Crawford and Spanish flamenco percussionist Demi Garcia Sabat.

All in all, a scintillating mix of cross-cultural jazz and blues.

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Shirley Smart Trio

Shirley Smart studied with Raphael Wallfisch at the Guildhall School of Music and Janos Starker in Paris before moving to Jerusalem. Here she became acquainted with musical traditions from North Afric…