The Cello Biennale and Splendor Amsterdam gave a young cellist carte blanche for one evening in Splendor: Kalle de Bie won the Start in Splendor Prize during the National Cello Competition 2016. Ainsi la Nuit was the result. Featuring Kalle de Bie (cello), Cordelia Paw and Tim Brackman (violin), Martin Moriarty (viola), Nadav Katan and Seán Morgan-Rooney (piano), and visuals by Tessel de Vries.

During this evening, the audience was taken on a musical and visual journey through the suggestive, surrealist world of one of the most innovative composers of France: Henri Dutilleux. In his music, which is poetic and filled with atmosphere, Dutilleux was inspired by Marcel Proust and Charles Baudelaire, through whom he became interested in memories, the subconscious, and dreams.

The music of Dutilleux has never been seen or heard in this way. To have a more intense experience of the mysterious atmosphere, there was a projection on the ceiling of surreal, dark films by different artists during the concert. These illusionary images, edited by Tessel de Vries, will carry the audience through the story of the music, from nostalgia to nightmares.