Polish Cello Quartet

The Polish Cello Quartet is formed by Thomasz Daroch, Wojciech Fudala, Krzysztof Karpeta, and Adam Krzeszowiec. They were taught by Paweł Głombik, Stanisław Firlej, Frans Helmerson, Gary Hoffman, Michael Flaksman, Jelena Očić, Julius Berger, and Jeroen Reuling. All members teach at renowned Polish music academies. They are frequently asked to perform at international festivals and regularly collaborate with big names from the world of classical music and jazz, such as Gary Hoffman, Julius Berger, Jadwiga Rappé, Dominik Połoński, Tony Mallaby, and Nate Wooley. They play pieces originally written for cello quartet as well as new compositions, of which they have performed more than 20. Their debut album Discoveries was released in 2017, and in 2019 they collaborated on an album of music by Grażyna Bacewicz, for which they received the Fryderyk Music Award. 

Tomasz Daroch, Wojciech Fudala, Krzysztof Karpeta, Adam Krzeszowiec - cello

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