ISH Dance Collective


ISH Dance Collective is a collective of stubborn individuals. Since 2000, ISH has been connecting people by surprising them. Street skills connect with established art forms. ISH's performances, tailor-made showcases and educational projects bridge the gap between art forms, disciplines, and cultures in an innovative way. ISH does not believe in boundaries.

ISH likes artists who can perform at the highest level but also have the guts to color outside the lines. By collaborating with diverse parties such as Dutch National Ballet, autonomous artist Dadara, or contemporary creative Shailesh Bahorhan, new cross-fertilizations arise at an artistic and production level. ISH has a way of working that brings people together, makes dreams come true, and results in fantastic performances. And more importantly: it results in fantastic groups of people. From its home base in Amsterdam, ISH travels through the Netherlands and abroad with various performances, education projects, and workshops.

Tamara Oud and Lars de Vos - dance

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