Timothy van Poucke


Timothy van Poucke started his dance training at the National Ballet Academy at the age of ten. In 2016 he was accepted by the Junior Company of the Dutch National Ballet, where after just one year, at the age of nineteen, he transferred to Dutch National Ballet in the rank of élève. In the years that followed, he was – very exceptionally – promoted annually to the next rank. After his striking performances at the Christmas Gala 2020 (in Wubkje Kuindersma's Echoes of Tomorrow) and Hans van Manens Variations (Sarcasmen), artistic director Ted Brandsen promoted him to second soloist in March 2021, at the age of 23, together with his regular dance partner Salome Leverashvili. 

As student at the National Ballet Academy, Timothy already participated with the Dutch National Ballet’s big classical productions Nationale Balletacademie deed Timothy al mee in de grote klassieke producties van Het Nationale Ballet; The Nutcracker and the Mouse King, Swan Lake, Giselle, La Dame aux Camélias. He also went on international tours with Cinderella (Hong Kong, London). Now, together with Leverashvili, he dances the leading parts in Don Quixote and Romeo and Juliet, among others. 

In 2017, Timothy received the Stichting Dansersfonds ‘79 encouragement award. In 2018, he received the Alexandra Radius prize – as first dancer to do so who (at the time) was not a soloist – partly thanks to his excellent rendition of Basilio in Don Quixote

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