Also this year the registrations for the Hello Cello Orchestra are going very fast. On the 16th of April the registration opened and already now there are only a few free spots! The Hello Cello Orchestra consists of 160 cello playing children and young adults from all over the Netherlands. This time the Biennale invites 14 young players from a Palestinian refugee camp and from El Salvador to give them an unforgettable experience. The orchestra rehearses in Zwolle, Eindhoven, Den Haag and Amstelveen. After the rehearsal a try-out will be given in each city. The final concert is in the big hall of the Muziekgebouw, during the openings weekend of the Cello Biennale.

The music is composed by jazz musician Tim Kliphuis. He composed his Havana Suite especially for the Hello Cello Orchestra and for soloist Sietse-Jan Weijenberg. It was a challenge for him, since he never wrote for only cello’s, let alone for so many! Together with Sietse-Jan he did some research, and he discovered the cello is a very good instrument for making an orchestra. The reason for this is the enormous difference in the highest and lowest tones. The piece includes jazz and folk influences, with space for improvisation for the soloist and the orchestra.

The Hello Cello Orchestra is part of the educative program of the Cello Biennale, where kids and young adults get to know the cello, learn how to play together and where classical music is promoted at primary schools. A Hello Cello Day is a mini-Cello Biennale with the concert of the Hello Cello Orchestra as highlight, as well as Bach&Breakfast, a masterclass, a performance for children, workhops and more.